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ʶҹաҪҴ 7 ҵ . .غҪҹ

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ʶҹաҪҴ 7 ҵ . .غҪҹ
    ѹ 25 չҤ 2562 ҧѭó ԷҢ ˹ʶҹաҪҴ 7 .غҪҹ Ф Ѻɴ Ա ҪèѧѴغҪҹ ҧؾ Ա ¡ҡҪҴѧѴغҪҹ ˹§ҹҪ㹾鹷 ͺشù ӹǹ 80 ش ͺҷءʺҵࢵ鹷 . .غҪҹ ͻЪ͹ .غҪҹ
     On March 25, 2019, Mrs. Thanyathon Wittayakhao, Head of Thai Red Cross Health Station No.7, Ubon Ratchathani province together with Mr. Sarit Witoon, Governor of Ubon Ratchathani Province, Mrs. Yupaporn Witoon, President of Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Red Cross Chapter and relevant agencies brought 80 Thai Red Cross relief kits gave to the windstorm victims of Na Yia District, Ubon Ratchathani Province at Na Yia District Auditorium, Ubon Ratchathani Province.

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