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ѹ 6 .. 2563

ʶҹաҪҴ෾ѵ (ʶҹաҪҴ 13 ѧѴҡ) 黯Ժѵԧҹ͹ҡҪҴ
ѹ 6 Ҥ 2563 ᨡûاءѺЪҪѺšзҡʶҹóкҴͧԴ-19 ࢵͧúǹӺ ͧҡ ѧѴҡ 400 ش Ӫ .ͺѺЪҪҹǹ˹ ЪҪҪѹ ǹ˹ͺѺ٧ ԡ ·ҹö͡ѺСͺѺհҹҡ
㹡ûԺѵԧҹᨡûاءѺӪ .㹾鹷 оѲѧФ蹤ͧѧѴҡ ˹ٹѲɮú鹷٧ѧѴҡ ɰ ѹѵ ҪèѧѴҡ ҧԳѪ ѹѵ ¡ҡҪҴѧѴҡ ʹѺʹعйҹ ԡҡ

On May 6, 2020, The Thai Red Cross Health Station No.13, Tak Province and Tak Provincial Red Cross Chapter operated the mobile kitchen of the Thai Red Cross Society distributed cooked food to 400 people affected by the outbreak of the covid-19 at Mae Tor Subdistrict Administration Organization, Mueang Tak District, Tak Province.

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